Mark Wichern’s plan to “Restore the Republic”


Everything begins with proper information.  With only six major media outlets (GE, Newscorp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner and CBS) left in the United States, we are only receiving a limited amount of information that has been scripted to be spun left or right.  All six of these outlets get their information from either Reuters or the Associated Press.  Our media has truly been lost since 1911 when the 33 major newspapers were bought out and their editors replaced.  These newspapers transferred America from being pro-German to anti-German in the matter of months.  Then based upon lies (Lusitania), the propaganda sent us into the First World War.  Since then, our media has been dominated by those who have other agendas in mind.  Our education system was hijacked and centralized in 1902 with the creation of the Board of Education by Rockefeller.  The history being taught in our school systems is wrong.   The biggest challenge for Americans will be to understand and accept that we have been fooled.   It is always much easier to stick our heads in the sand.  It is easier to condemn those who try to tell the truth which is different from which we were raised to believe.  With that being said, I am very concerned if we end up with Hillary President and an Obama Secretary-General of the UN.  I am very concerned with the national debt and the totalitarian direction we are headed.  Bench-marking our country to those in the past paints a very scary timeline to our future.


1. We need a leader that understands what precisely has happened to our country and the foresight to do to what is necessary to get our economy and country back.  I feel that with my 10 years of research in Austrian Economics, World and US History I have a major advantage over any of the other candidates.  With the exception of military experience (James, Chris and Brian), I have more knowledge than all of the candidates combined.  I understand not only the monetary policy that has destroyed our nation, but the jurisdictional issues that have replaced our God given rights guaranteed by the Constitutional with civil rights guaranteed by Congress.  I know how to redevelop the backbone of our country, small business.  I can get district one and our veterans working again.


2. We must start a massive re-education program based upon truth and reinstate the moral values for which our country was founded.  We must understand nullification, our true history and our monetary system.  I have already invested over $100,000 into a television studio to begin educational programs to re-inform the public.


3. Vet all Constitutional Sheriffs throughout the country.  Most people are not aware that the sheriff’s office has the power in his county to jail any federal agent trying to enforce any Unconstitutional Federal law.  I am not just talking about the 2nd Amendment. We need to protect our farming and fishing.  There is a strong move being made by the Federal Government via the EPA to steal our water ways and farming land using the Blue Ways, Green Ways and the Endangered Species act.  We need a Constitutional Sheriff that will stand up against the Federal Government as they continue to steal our property.  Our Constitution specifically lists what land the Federal Government can own in Article 1, Section 8, Paragraph 17.  Outside of this provision, all of the land belongs to the people and the states.  To see if your county sheriff is truly a Constitutional sheriff, have him fill out this survey.

a. With the leadership of a Constitutional Sheriff, each county should begin developing a county militia to support the Sheriff if ever needed.

b. We will need to set up a militia training center to help support our Constitutional Sheriffs offices. I plan to work with Gary O’Neal, the American Warrior and Hall of Fame Army Ranger to design the training programs.


4. Immediately begin to purchase most if not all of our food from local farmers and fisherman. It may be slightly more expensive, but it is healthier and it will help protect us all in the long run.  We need to help our local farmers and fisherman grow their farms without subsidies from the Federal Government to a size that will feed all in District 1 if needed.  The Federal Government is confiscating many farmlands though out the USA.  We need to protect ours.   As far as fishing, I do not see anything that authorized the Federal Government to regulate anything in our fishing waters.  Regulations belong to the states and the people.

a. What most people do not understand about history and the current situation with corporate / government control of our food and distribution, they will take our guns by offering us food in exchange when our children are starving. No parent can take the loss of a child through a preventable death.  Unlike the 1929 Great Depression, most Americans are not self-sustainable and do not know how to grow food.


5. Set up a small business development program to help entrepreneurs start small businesses and succeed here locally.  We can begin developing year round careers, instead of low paying seasonal jobs.  I already have a system that has been proven to work and I intend to use my programs to get this process going.  The goal is to create a self- sustaining local economic system that can withstand an economic national disaster and to fund our local sheriff’s office and a militia if ever needed.


6. Begin local manufacturing. I have another patent that I intend to turn over to the people in District 1 to develop in a new manufacturing business that will provide free drinking water along with conditioned air ran off solar power.


7. We must develop a barter exchange program insulating us from a monetary collapse. The dollar is mathematically going to collapse.  It nearly happened in 2008 and it is simply a matter of time.  Most people who only learn Keynesian economics and have not studied world history will not understand the need for an intrinsic valued monetary system.  Those who truly understand Austrian Economics, World and US History will know exactly why we must have this system in place.  Currently we, as a state, are out of compliance with our own US Constitution which states only gold and silver can be used as money.  There has been no Amendment to our Constitution and we are currently using paper money only backed by faith.  I just want to bring us back into compliance with the founders experience with fiat monetary systems and provide a back-up plan.


8. Our education system will need to be completely overhauled. We will need the help from retired teachers to go through our textbooks and to design a new curriculum based upon the true knowledge that has been lost over the last three generations.  All education should be controlled locally by the teachers, parents and local school board.


9. How do plan to finance this move? Of the 99% of the bills presented in Congress, I can’t get past page 5 before I find something unconstitutional.  The Federal Government provides a 1 million dollar expense budget for each Congressman to run their offices locally and in Washington.  I will not much help at all in Washington to read 5 pages.  I plan to spend the bulk of the budget locally for implementation of this plan.


10. Once we have obtained local independence from the Unconstitutional encroachment of Federal Government, we can begin duplicating the process county by county, district by district until we have the state of Florida back under its Constitutional State Jurisdiction.


11. Once our Districts and our State are secured, we can begin working on Washington DC. Using our District as a franchise prototype and leading by example, I can begin to apply pressure to other Congressmen to get on board with the Restoration of our Republic.  If they refuse then we can go directly to their constituents and show them how successful we are and if they want to do as we did, then they need to elect a representative that will follow our example.  This is the way we change Washington.  A grass roots program.


12. We then abolish every department of the Federal Government not authorized by the Constitution. (Dept. of Education, Energy, EPA, IRS etc.)


13. We repeal the trade agreements (NAFTA, CAFTA, LA PAZ and TPP) that have destroyed our economy.


14. We repeal the unlawfully ratified 14th Amendment and replace it with an Amendment to protect all legal Americans, black, white, Indian and other as citizens of the state for which they live. This will end the contracted Federal Jurisdiction over US Citizens controlled by Congress in the District of Columbia.  It will return our God given rights guaranteed by the US Constitution as state citizens.  We need to repeal paragraph 34 in the Act of 1871 and the New Deal.


15. Then we must repeal the 16th and 17th Amendment giving state control back for taxation and representation.


16. We need to reinstate the original 13th Amendment (1812 Ratified Titles of Nobility) stolen during the civil war preventing attorney from being elected to Federal office.


17. We must end the Federal Reserve and the IRS.  I have a 17 point step by step program to restore our monetary policy with an intrinsic value.


This is my beginning plan to Restore the Republic.   If there are parts that are not understood please feel free to contract me for an explanation.

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