Getting Involved

Two of the major issues we face today are lack of time and money.  We have to work so much to “keep up with Jones” or to simply survive, that we tend to forget and / or take for granted our freedom.  The effect is greedy politicians being corrupted without checks and balances from the people.

This country was founded by the people and for the people, but it has now become for the corporations by the corporations.  The end result is the loss freedom and time.  Think about it for a minute, the more money that is transferred out of our pockets and into the major banks and corporations, the less that is available for us.  The end result is more time at work, less money and less free time to spend with our family and friends.

Our representatives no longer care about us because they have new masters.  The lack of involvement has made it easier for them to do it wrong than right.

The American Dream is not to work our lives away to hopefully retire at an old age barely able to survive retirement on a depreciated social security check.

No the American Dream is to own property, live a quality life spending time with our friends and family, and helping others to experience that same opportunity.  We should retire with enough money at an early enough age to enjoy what used to be called “our golden years”.

I want to make that possible again.  So I am asking you to take some time and/or money now and help me restore the American Dream.

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