About Mark Wichern

Mark Wichern
Mark Wichern is a candidate for Florida’s 1st Congressional District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.  The son of a Korean War veteran, and a brother of recently deceased Vietnam veteran, Mark Wichern is a patriot who wants to see the American Dream restored and our veteran to have proper care at any hospital of their choice as we stated in our 2014 Campaign for US Congress.  Mark also wants to protect all of our children’s futures, our retirement, our land, our farming, fishing, water, 2nd Amendment rights, protect our borders, and restore the American Dream.

Mark was born in Indiana and grew up in Ohio.  Mark first came to Florida to attend college and pursue a career in professional baseball.  Mark attended college to pursue a career in business administration, marketing and accounting from St. Petersburg College while training and playing professional baseball in the late 80s.

Mark married his high school sweetheart Laura and they will be married 17 years this August.  They have lived in Santa Rosa Beach, FL for the past 8 years and are very involved with their community, chambers, church and many non-profit organizations, charities and events.  Mark is the proud father of a beautiful daughter Madison, who is a varsity cheerleader at South Walton High School.  Mark and Laura also have two grown sons, who currently live in Ohio.

Mark has spent the last 10 years studying and researching Austrian Economics, US and World history.  The tragic corruption that he has uncovered has driven Mark to run for US Congress again to do something about it.  Mark also ran for US Congress in 2014 against Jeff Miller and spoke about all of things that are still happening today.  Appalled at what he calls the foundation of corruption, Mark has put together a 30 minute town hall presentation to explain the blatantly corrupt actions that have brought our country to the brink of bankruptcy.  Please visit our website to see a list of dates for the Town Hall Tour coming soon to a town near you.  Time is of the essence.


Mark understands that most politicians get into office with good intentions, but with the lack of historic and economic knowledge they become part of the problem.  Politicians, in general, always produce bills to take care of the effect not the cause.  By not addressing the root causes, politicians create rules, regulations and the chaos that is destroying the American way of life.

When America realizes and accepts the truth, we can right the wrong.  However, with our education system and misleading media, the truth is now stranger than fiction.  Mark asks that you invest 30 minutes of your time to come out and learn the truth with your own ears.  As a promise, you will not only learn what has happened to our country, but you will learn what we can do about it right now.  Let’s face it we will soon be $21,000,000,000,000 in debt, not including the fractional reserve banking debt or the unfunded liabilities stolen from all of us.  After all, don’t our children deserve their opportunity to enjoy the American Dream?  Don’t we all deserve to know the truth to Restore the American Dream?

Professionally Mark Wichern and his wife Laura have started three successful companies from scratch and sold two.  His third company Restoration Coach was specifically designed to teach start-up small companies to become systematized, increase their business sales, create long term loyal employees and become successful by making the business work for the owner, not for the owner for it.  He teaches complete business development from marketing and operations through collections.  Since 2008, Restoration Coach has helped more than 40 companies become multi-million dollar businesses and created thousands of careers.  Mark is also an Instructor has taught thousands of students and business leaders to become very successful all over the United States.

Mark plans to bring this business development training and planning to help District 1 create year round employment and businesses that are not so dependent on tourism.

A prosperous economy that functions year round and a true knowledge of the root causes of corruption in our country are the keys to fight for our freedoms and the American Dream.  Knowledge and money help create power.  Power makes changes and America needs changes quickly.  If we really want Change, stand up for what you believe in and put change in Washington!    With faith, God’s will and the power of informed people, we can start in Florida District 1 and make a difference.  Mark Wichern would be honored to be your next US Congressman for FL District 1.

Contact us at: (850) 830-6300

Mailing address:  755 Grand Blvd., Suite B-105, Box #244, Miramar Beach, FL  32550